Individual Relationship Counselling for Singles

Relationship Counselling For Singles

Are your relationships just not working?

Are you frustrated that important relationships in your life haven’t panned out the way you had hoped? Have you found yourself repeatedly attracted to unhealthy partners in your intimate relationships? Or are you struggling with having the confidence that a new relationship will be healthy and fulfilling?

Perhaps you feel intimidated by the prospect of rejection and have avoided relationships altogether. Or, maybe you are feeling hopeless that any new relationship has a chance. Maybe you are tired of 'settling' in relationships?

Relationship Counselling For Singles Can Help

Patricia Sandford and Elisabeth Marriner are experienced relationship therapists in practice in London who have helped many individuals improve the quality of their relationships by examining how their actions have affected the relationship and helped them learn how to communicate their relationship needs and concerns in a healthy manner. Thye have also worked with individuals to gain a better understanding of themselves, and the choices they make in intimate relationships, and also with family and work relationships.

It’s Frustrating When Relationship Don’t Work

Individuals often develop unhealthy connections to important people in their lives for many different reasons. This can cause individuals to have unstable, unsatisfying, or rocky relationships. In addition, it contributes to making poor intimate relationship decisions. Other times, our own issues can get in the way of even reaching out to others in a healthy fashion. Unfortunately, for many people, this pattern repeats itself over and over again.

Things Can Really Improve

The good news is that relationship counselling really can help you make changes to improve the quality of your relationships. In relationship counselling for singles, you can:

Begin to understand yourself better
Become confident and at ease with who you are
Learn why you make the relationships choices that don’t work
Address individual problems that limit your ability to engage others in a healthier manner
Take the first steps to make the right relationship decisions for you
Start attracting the right partner
Learn how creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself will allow you to be in healthier relationships

Questions & Answers

How does understanding myself better help me attract the right partner?

This is an important question that many wonder about. What you will find however is that learning more about yourself and living a more mindfully aware life leads to a strong sense of contentment. When one is truly happy with themselves, they tend to radiate that 'energy' outward into the world. This naturally attracts the a partner who responds to your energy.

How does living a healthy lifestyle allow me to create healthier relationships?

This question does come up at times. What you will find is that by living a healthy lifestyle where you take care of yourself - including taking care of yourself by starting counselling - and become focused on being present with yourself, you’ll create that health in your relationships. Unfortunately, when our lives are chaotic and we are out of balance, our relationships usually reflect this instability.

How can my individual issues impact my relationships?

When we have unresolved problems or issues from either the recent or distant past, they can dramatically affect the quality of our relationships. This can happen by interpreting others’ behaviors inaccurately or by simply not giving others the benefit of the doubt because of our own upsetting issue. In relationship counselling, you can learn that once you have resolved your individual issues and understand yourself better, those issues no longer impact your relationships as negatively.

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