Relationship Counselling for Individuals in West London

Relationship Counselling For Individuals

Feeling the Stress of Your Relationship Alone?

Are you wondering if you can save or improve your relationship by yourself? Feeling frustrated that your partner seems to be putting in very little, if any, effort into your relationship?

Do you find yourself losing hope when your partner refuses to get help for your relationship? Perhaps your partner has been dragging their feet and has kept putting off addressing the subject. Or has your partner even refused to discuss your situation at all?

Or do you find yourself wondering if you are contributing to your relationship problems?

Marriage Counseling For Individuals Can Help

Patricia Sandford is a relationship counsellor practicing in London with many years experience helping individuals improve the quality of their current relationship by examining how their actions have affected the relationship and helping them learn how to get their relationship needs met.

It’s Hard to Be the Only Motivated Partner

Many relationships end up in a frustrating place where one or both partners are feeling stuck and struggle to see how things will ever change. Often, one partner is much more motivated to fix the relationship and take action while the other partner may not be ready for a variety of reasons. The motivated partner sometimes struggles themselves to see how they can improve the relationship without the support of their partner.

Things Can Get MUCH Better…

Fortunately, you CAN significantly improve your relationship on your own. In relationship counselling for individuals,  Patricia can help you:

Understand your role and contributions to current conflict or disconnection
Effectively communicate your concerns
Rebuild intimacy with your partner
Bring back the joy and affection in your relationship

Questions & Answers

Will it help to work on my relationship alone?

This is a question that does come up frequently. Many individuals can lose motivation when their partner refuses to actively work on their relationship and have questioned if it helps to go to marriage counseling alone. However, what many have found in this situation is that when they actively work on how they are affecting their relationship, the quality of the relationship improves, and sometimes dramatically so. One partner’s effort can go a long way!

If I come to relationship counseling alone will my partner eventually join me?

This is a common question for those who decide to work on their relationship without their partner. While it would be a mistake to assume your partner will join you in counselling, many individuals have found that when they commit to actively working on their relationship, their partner sometimes does become interested in participating in the process. Your commitment to addressing your relationship issues often becomes contagious.

What if my partner’s problems are responsible for our relationship difficulties?

Sometimes it may appear as if one partner is the one solely 'responsible' for the relationship problems. However, this is very rarely the case. What most have found is that both partners contribute to their relationship problems. This is even true when there has been infidelity in the relationship. Progress can in fact be made even when the unfaithful partner does not participate.

What happens if I work on myself and make changes, but my partner does not do the same thing?

This concern is a common one that sometimes prevents someone from working on their relationship alone. What most find, however, is that as one partner changes, the other partner does too. There is a delicate balance in the relationship so that when one partner changes how they communicate and approach their partner, the other partner (even if not in relationship counselling) begins to alter how they respond.

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