Relationship Counselling for Couples in West London

Relationship Counselling for Couples in London

Couples Therapy Can Help You and Your Partner Reconnect

Is your relationship not working well?
Feeling emotionally drained from frequent conflict?
Are you finding that you are so disconnected from your partner that the smallest issues easily turn into big arguments?
Or, do you find yourself avoiding interacting with your partner?
Maybe you are trying to figure out if your relationship can continue after either your partner or you had an affair?
Perhaps you are feeling like roommates instead of having an intimate relationship?
Are financial disagreements causing rows or power struggles in your relationship?
Perhaps you have different ideas about having children, or raising them?
Would you like pre-marital counselling?

Don't Give Up - Couples Therapy Could Help

We have worked with many couples that thought there was no way they could find a way through their difficulties - then after entering counselling went on to re-build healthy relationships together. This includes couples where there has been an emotional or physical affair. 

You and Your Partner Are Not Alone In Feeling Unsatisified

Couples CounsellingMany people end up in relationships that have not lived up to their expectations. As a result, they feel stuck and unhappy. This usually impacts other areas of life as well, including your work and children. There are stressful life events that can unexpectedly feel difficult to cope with, and lead to feelings of distance in the couple and to one or both partners feeling hopeless and dejected. Often this leads to feelings of frustration, anger and resentment. The relationship continues but the partners feel increasingly distanced from one another, and can not find a way back to a creative and flexible way of being in a couple.

Things Can Get Better....

Fortunately, you can do something about it together. In couples therapy, you and your partner can:

  • Resolve current conflict and resentments
  • Re-establish the connection and kindness in your relationship
  • Build a satisfying sex life
  • Create an effective way of communicating

Frequently Asked Questions....

But how will I know couples therapy will work after everything I've tried? Is there really any way to resolve our disagreements?

We can understand you feeling a bit hopeless at this point and wary of trying to work on your relationship again. Many couples I've seen over the years have tried workshops, reading books, and other types of couple counselling. They arrive with little or no hope, feel there is no way they are going to be understood and that their problems are unresolvable. What these couples experienced, sometimes very early in our sessions, was a sense of relief that there is hope....problems can be looked at...there is a way of understanding how they developed...and correspondingly a way they can be resolved.

This sounds like a lot of work. I’m not sure I have the energy to do it.

This concern may be the most common amongst couples we have seen. It really is not surprising for you to feel this way. Couples who are stuck in their relationship rarely have any leftover emotional energy to devote back to their relationship. After all, they have gone down many unproductive roads in an attempt to resolve their problems and things either didn’t change or even became worse. What these couples have found is that early in treatment the renewed hope they felt after having their issues listened to and understood quickly energized them. A taste of success for their partnership really motivated them to work harder than they would have ever imagined.

How do I know you’ll be the right choice for us?

You won’t know 100% until we meet. Current research does in fact tell us that the absolute best predictor of success in therapy is the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client(s). We suggest that couples meet with me for three initial sessions to determine how you feel and to see if we actually are a good match for one another. If it feels we are not the best fit for each other, we will happily refer you to other therapists who I feel may be a better match for you based on our first three meetings.

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