Welcome - a bit about me

I am a widely experienced, qualified individual and specialist couple Psychotherapist and sex therapist. I’ve worked with people of all ages (18-92) sexualities, cultures and backgrounds. As well as private practice, I’m a Visiting Clincian at Tavistock Relationships.

It takes courage for a couple to come for help. Many tell me they wish they’d started sooner.
Call me if you’d like a brief chat about your situation.

I  offer regular, weekly counselling sessions to couples and individuals on an ongoing or time limited basis.

My role is to provide a safe space where you both feel equally heard, supported and taken seriously. The first few sessions will be an opportunity for me to get the feel of the unique dynamics of your relationship, the repeated patterns of behaving and relating that are causing distress.  After I get to know your couple story, we explore your family backgrounds and early childhood experiences.  Understanding this helps couples communicate more effectively and compassionately.

I tailor sessions to suit you and your partners specific needs, whether to improve communication, work through a trauma or unpick conflicts and resentments that stop you from getting on. Ongoing sexual difficulties or a breakdown in your sex lives may be why you’ve come for help. Psychosexual work combines specialised behavioural homework tasks with supportive ongoIng Psychotherapy

I have a particular interest with couples or individuals with:

  • communication issues (feeling unheard or  mis-understood)
  • anger and conflict management
  • parenting/ step parenting issues
  • affairs and the impact of affairs
  • depression and anxiety
  • pre marriage couple counselling
  • bereavement and loss
  • impact of traumatic experiences
  • preparing for retirement and other life transitions

As a sex therapist, I work with couples and individuals with the following difficulties:

  • loss of desire and breakdown in sexual relationship
  • painful sex
  • erectile and ejaculation difficulties
  • orgasm difficulties
  • impact of menopause

My qualifications are:

BA Hons, Education and English (1982)
P.G.C.E. Roehampton University (1985)
Advanced Post Graduate Diploma Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy WPF Kensington, University  of Roehampton (2003)
PG Diploma Couple Counselling Tavistock Relationships (2013) University  East London
I am in the process of completing an MSc in Psychosexual Couple and Individual Therapy at Tavistock Relationships

I belong to the following professional bodies:

  • The  College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists COSRT (General Membership)
  • Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy ( MBACP) Fully Accredited
  • TA (Tavistock Alumni)
  • Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC)

All our work is confidential and subject to the strict ethical guidelines of FPC, BACP, and Tavistock Alumni. These organisations require members to be appropriately trained and qualified, to adhere to their strict confidentiality guidelines and to undertake continuous professional development.

I previously worked for many years in primary schools (children aged 3-11) and as a counsellor working with young people in secondary schools. I was also coordinator for a Counselling for Carers project (RBK&C with WPF Kensington) and an assessor and therapist at WPF (Kensington) 

Availability and fees

I offer sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings at Studland Street. Currently I charge £80 for individual sessions and £120 for couple sessions (£145 for an initial consultation)

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