Premarital Therapy Relationship Counselling for Couples

Premarital Therapy

"the best insurance policy a couple could ever purchase” [1]

Your wedding day will hopefully be a once in a lifetime event. But the huge financial investment, meticulous planning and stress in bucketloads often distracts from thinking about life beyond the confetti.

You’ve carefully chosen your partner but what about that shared journey into the unknown?

Marriage, one of the most important decisions we make, is often the least prepared for.

Patricia and Elisabeth offer sessions to couples who want to take time out from wedding day planning, to prepare in the best way, for the shared life beyond.

Premarital Counselling will focus on:

  • What the commitment means to each of you
  • Whether the couple blueprint you each have (your parent's relationship) is what you want for yourselves
  • Improving communication skills

"Some studies suggest that couples who have premarital counselling have a lower divorce rate than other beneficial it is for couples to deal with problems early before they morph into gigantic barricades that destroy any hope for resolution...before resentments aren't yet set in concrete"[2]


Patricia and Elisabeth will think with both of you about:

  • Expectations and hopes
  • Career goals
  • Housing
  • Children, parenting and family life
  • Finances
  • Parents and extended family issues
  • Gender role expectations
  • Your sex life
Pre-Marriage counselling will explore how you make decisions together and how to prioritise your relationship. It will focus on finding creative ways to manage inevitable differences of opinion and communicate effectively with each other.

Premarital counselling helps lay firmer foundations to prepare for the unknown life ahead...once the confetti has been swept away.

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