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Separation and Divorce Counselling

Separation and Divorce counselling is individual counselling with a focus on working through the difficult feelings, ambivalence and emotional distress when you are either considering or going through a separation or divorce. The issues that come up in couples counselling and separation/divorce counselling might be similar, however, separation/divorce counselling differs in that only one spouse or partner is present and active in therapy; in couples counselling, both are present.

What can you expect from separation and divorce counselling?

  • The emotions and stress associated with considering or going through a separation or divorce is a large burden to carry on your own. Sharing this burden in a confidential space and having Patricia help you think through the complicated feelings associated with separation and divorce can help you feel less alone. Solicitors can provide legal advice and understand the emotional difficulties involved, however in Patricia's experience it is not in their purview to help you through the day-to-day emotional struggles. 
  • Strategies for managing your emotional distress will be discussed and thought about in relation to your unique circumstances. If you feel stronger and can think more clearly while undergoing extreme feelings brought up by separation and divorce, you are more likely to manage decision making from a clearer perspective.
  • Patricia will assist you in reflecting on and understanding the opinions of others, and focus on what is most important to you and understanding why certain areas are 'hot buttons' - this most likely will involve developing an awareness of both the conscious and unconscious patterns in your relationship.
  • The transition from spouse to single individual or single parent will be focused on, as well as exploring support strategies for the future and life goals.
  • Exploring your marital relationship and your past relationships, both adult and childhood, will help you understand the marriage from a developmental perspective. This understanding and awareness should lead you to future relationships that are more fulfilling and less likely to return to the patterns that have not worked for you.
  • Patricia can also help you think through co-parenting strategies and effects on the children involved.
Divorce counselling sessions with Patricia are 50-90 minutes in length, and at a frequency and duration relevant to your situation. Patricia does not provide legal advice or opinions about your decisions regarding whether or not to separate or divorce.

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